Saturday, October 22, 2011

I feel so close

I keep feeling like I am right on the verge of opening my eyes and seeing nothing but Divinity, shedding this illusory dream consciousness and opening awareness to the vast perfection beyond.  I am tired of interacting with others based on my fear or their fear.  Every single thing is related to through love.  There can be no other relationship, as fear separates, shuts out, refuses to see. 

If we react with anything but pure acceptance or pure love, we are displaying our belief in separation as well as our belief that something is not "good enough" for us.  Why else would we shield off our love from anything?  When we feel we must protect ourselves, we are showing that we believe not only that we are being attacked, but that we can be damaged.  It is entirely a false system of thought.

Many of us do things in an attempt to manipulate others to our whim, believing we are doing it as an expression of love.  When you give up something to please someone else, you are attempting to buy their acceptance, stave off some imagined downfall.  When we sacrifice things to try to please God, we are trying to buy our way into Heaven.  No wonder our religions are fraught with guilt.  But we do this within our personal relationships as well, with someone else's acceptance as a pale replacement for that of God's.

Every rejection, avoidance, or feeling of hesitation displays our belief that we are unworthy of love.  What can we withhold from someone else that we aren't withholding from ourselves?  We cannot be free in such a state.  We are here because we believe we are individuals, but to be separated from our Source is to cut off our wings?yet still try to fly.  We cannot be individuals, because we cannot be divided.  We are whole, and the only way to be whole is to be One.  Our belief that we are something other than what we are is the cause of every tiny bit of pain we believe we experience.

We rejected God.  God cannot reject us, because God does not recognize the concept of Otherness.  How can you, when you are All That Is?

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Jasmin said...

I love it. This really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing.