Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amazing book

I've been following David Wilcock's work for three or four years now, and I can safely say that his new book, The Source Field Investigations blows everything else he's done--or that anyone else has done--straight out of the water.

And I'm not even done with it yet.

The evidence is brought together into a cohesive, magnificent picture that points, on no uncertain terms, the greatest mystery currently unknown to mankind and shows a greater image than I thought science could ever show--but does, right here in this lovely book.

It's so much information, and so easy to comprehend, explaining anomaly after anomaly in a way that not only makes sense but points toward the practical applications--when Wilcock speaks of the blueprints for a Golden Age, that is not hyperbole. This understanding of the physical/mental/spiritual can literally transform life on Earth, if we take it and use it.

To say "we are all connected," is an understatement. There really is only one thing in this multiverse, and we are it.

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