Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Extraterrrestrial Influences?

At work the other day, I stumbled upon a discussion one dude was having with another regarding a Creationist who believed that if you didn’t believe the Earth was X years old, you just didn’t have the right religion. After listening for a little while, one of them said something that spurred me to give the remark, “I think the Bible is all about aliens. Ezekiel carried into heaven by a wheel of fire? Yeah, UFO.”

There was laughter, as I meant for there to be, just by the way I said it, but at the same time I meant it. The Old Testament makes far more sense to me in the context of extraterrestrial interaction. Moses saw God’s back, remember, and God walked in the garden of Eden and did not know where Adam and Eve were. Pretty weird. Pillar of fire by night, smoke by day? Parting water and whatnot? With an understanding and ability to manipulate electromagnetism or perhaps sonic technology, would these things really be so hard? The Ark of the Covenant seemed to contain something pretty magnificent, and people were supposed to wear particular gear and whatnot to approach it, otherwise they died.

I don’t however, think the entity known as the Christ used physical technology to alter the world about him. I believe his technology was the mental/spiritual understanding of the interdimensional nature of himself and reality. I think this because Jesus is not the only person to operate in the Christ state of awareness. Many people have experiences which are not physically measureable or explainable in the materialistic model of reality, yet they are fairly common. Less common are the accounts of chi mastery, levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, instantaneous healing, stigmata, people who need not eat or drink for years, and so on. These things are possible with realization and greater awareness of the energy matrix within which we operate. When it comes down to it, we don’t really know what we are. Our foundational beliefs about this are afloat in an ocean of potentials and possibilities.

The missing link or leap in our evolutionary history points also points to external influences. Whether this is because of galactic cycles, or because of manipulation of the genome, I couldn’t say. I’m leaning toward a combination of galactic cycle to bring about the primate form, and then genetic manipulation to create the current sapiens form a shorter while ago.

The cycle I refer to is one discovered by a pair of paleontologists from the University of Chicago, Raup and Sepkoski. They discovered that every 26 million years, the marine fossil record shows that there are massive die-offs, and the species of Earth make spontaneous evolutionary leaps. The researchers tried to dismiss it and figure it out of their data, and it does seem like there were two consecutive cycles where it was skipped (this was just in the marine fossil record) but it persisted regularly over the 250 million year span they looked over. [http://www.pnas.org/cgi/content/abstract/81/3/801]

The graph shows extinction followed by a spike of new species appearing in the seabed. There is a lack of Earth cataclysms to support the idea that massive die-offs are caused by asteroids and whatnot.

And then, from Berkeley, Robert Rohde discovered an even larger cycle of 62 million years, which he explained in Nature [http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v434/n7030/abs/nature03339.html].

The Rohde cycle is about every 62 million years, give or take 3 million. We’re at 65 million years since the last—and yeah, it could be 5,000 years in the future, but right now, we’re in the midst of a major die off. We haven’t seen extinction rates like this, and it isn’t just because of humanity. Frogs are dying off from a widespread fungus that has appeared everywhere in the world, not just in pockets of isolation, which strikes me as simply weird.

There are a lot of people in the alternate/New Age group who think it’s planet X causing these changes (based on Zecharia Sitchin’s work with Sumerian myth that speaks of a planet that sweeps through our orbit every ~3500 years) but the gravitational flux from a single planet would have little sway on the sun but a possibly catastrophic effect on other planets. Perhaps the planet people have been expecting was actually the massive comet the size of Jupiter that swung through our solar system in 2003 so close to the sun it was inside Mercury’s orbit.

The gravitational influence of this massive body should have pulled the planets out of their orbits, yet it had little to no noticeable effect, which is physically impossible. The comet itself wasn’t well publicized, probably because it would have panicked people, since we potentially could have collided with it. There are pictures and whatnot of it online. (Is this the same comet that seems to be a fulfillment of Hopi prophecy? To appear as a blue star, the comet would have had to have been between us and the sun to have its tail aligned with its core. This comet was in and out of our solar system in a matter of days. Huge and unimaginably fast.)

This brings us back to the extraterrestrial influence operating in our solar system. If one had the technology, one could potentially shield the gravitational influence of such an object and protect a solar system and a planet full of life from too much disturbance.

A lot of people, including one of the chaps I mentioned earlier, think there’s no reason for extraterrestrials to visit us. If they thought the way most Earthlings think, perhaps not. But I think about it this way. If they were able to develop a way to travel all the way to Earth before destroying themselves, chances are their ideas about life are going to be far different from ours. I think a lot of our science fiction may not be so far off from reality. It’s pretty easy to ask yourself, “if you were an advanced civilization, how would you interact with a less evolved one?” Personally, I think I’d institute something like Star Trek’s prime directive or Star Ocean’s UP3 (Underdeveloped Planet Protection Pact) to not openly influence the overall evolution of the planet so that the people can grow and learn on their own—unless they are about to be wiped out, either by their own doing or by some outside event.

I move worms from the sidewalk because worms don’t have the perspective to see that the sidewalk is a path of worm-death, just as many Earthlings seem to lack the perspective to see that selfishness, greed and war is a path of Earth-death.

This isn’t to say that all the people who may have visited us have our best interests in mind. According to the Sumerian script Sitchin translated, the Annunaki created the human form to be able to mine gold for their Annunaki overlords. The Elohim of the Old Testament created man and demanded worship and strict rules to be followed, overseeing and enforcing their own laws, wiping out towns with blasts akin to nuclear strikes, killing the firstborn in the homes unmarked with the blood of a lamb. Currently, there are supposedly groups who have provided Earth’s negative elite with technologies to assist them in keeping others willingly oppressed.

Yet there are eyewitness military accounts that hovering lights have somehow rendered warheads inert and powered down nuclear facilities. Perhaps these are the same entities who have assigned themselves as our protectors and guardians, giving those of us who care to search clues toward understanding the nature of reality, encoded into the geometrical formations that appear in our crops. Perhaps they are what we have to look forward to in our next step of evolution, which seems to be fast approaching. It is no surprise that the structures people have given their lives over to are breaking down and being restructured. It may seem like a step back, but we’re making room for the running start to the leap of consciousness and corresponding form we are about to take.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dimensions of Consciousness

In geometry, there first comes a singularity or point. A dot we draw to represent it is merely a representation and approximation, being totally arbitrary. It Exists, but does not Experience, for there is nothing else to experience. Thus, it is not Aware of itself. A point could be placed anywhere within the matrix, or it could be the entire matrix itself, undifferentiated. This is the 0 dimension.

Next comes another point, and the space between them becomes a line. One point represents Observer and one represents Observed. Here is differentiation. There is the potential to be Aware and Experience, but may only experience the Eternal Observed, not necessarily recognizing that there is an Observer. This is the 1 dimension.

Next comes another point, and now there are Two to experience where before there was only one. The experience of Time begins, for the Observer can experience point one, Then point two. A line of Experience begins. This is the 2 dimension.

In the third dimension, Experience takes form. Distinct forms allow the Observer to experience Self as a form itself, and although it has been capable of experiencing Self in earlier dimensions, it is far easier to experience self-distinction when witnessing the experiences and self-distinction of the Other. This is the realm of the physical.

While in the third dimension, it is difficult to explain or experience the fourth dimension, as it would be difficult to explain to a triangle on a flat plane that there is an up and a down in addition to its usually experienced forward, back, left and right. As in the third dimension, we can see the whole of a two-dimensional figure, in the fourth dimension, we could see the whole of a being, not just physically, inside and out, but the entire lifetime throughout Time as well. As some earth formations can be seen in their entirety from the sky, so is an individual consciousness seen from a fourth dimensional perspective. This allows for the development of compassion, understanding and eventually wisdom.

Time itself can be experienced as a three-dimensional structure which we do not experience in our perception of space-time. Although in space-time we have traced a line forward in time, in time-space, we can experience the alternate choices that could have been made at any point.

From here, I do not have the experiences or language with which to project higher dimensions, but this is what it seems happens: The consciousness develops in a way that allows it to recognize all Other as Self. When the consciousness expands to include its experiences, the singular consciousness dissolves into an inclusion of all. After being many, the Self becomes One, or Unified, and from an awareness of Being All-That-Is, the Observer recognizes itself as the entire interdimensional sphere, which can also be seen as the first point in 0d.

I imagine a return to the non-dual undifferentiated state for the cycle to begin anew, if that's what happens, but it doesn't matter. In this cosmology, there is an infinity of possibility. Within a the sphere of existence, anything can occur. The sphere can expand infinitely outward and contract infinitely inward. Our scientists spend a lot of time trying to smash particles into finer and finer pieces without recognizing that they will always be able to divide further and expand further.

Our universe, in its various dimensions and densities of background energy is a macrocosm, of which our solar system, planets and bodies are microcosms. At the level of awareness of the universe, it also experiences itself as a microcosm of a greater macro. There is always greater expansion and finer focus in the fractal spiral of our existence in this galaxy and universe.

Although it has not been stated, it is implied that consciousness is a fundamental constituent of existence. The energy which fills space is itself conscious, from light to the gravitic tendencies of our universe, and that is what we are. Our experiences arise from this field; our consciousness shapes it. Remember that our galaxy is moving through space, and our sun is moving through the galaxy, and our planet is moving around the solar system. We have traced a line through space which we have never happened over twice. Every instance exists in space-time/time-space as its own, unique experience.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have taken what seems to be a meaningful step--not that it will really affect me much, but it does answer a great many questions I've lived with about my tendencies and peculiarities. Let's see.

--At the age of four/five, I had a transcendent experience where I witnessed what I called "God" while trying to imagine how big God would have to be to encompass the planet, solar system, galaxy and universe. I slipped sideways/in-between and witnessed an interdimensional sphere of sorts that was composed of funnels all expanding infinitely outward and collapsing infinitely inward. My young mind tried to explain it to my mom as a giant ball of tinfoil that was being crushed but remained the same size.

--I saw lights and faces, animals and creatures that weren't physically there often as a child, and had dreams about angels and speaking fantastical animals.

--Around age 6 or 7, my cousin was spending the night and we were sleeping on the floor because it was too hot to be much higher in the room. A quietly crackling ball of light came down the hallway, made a ninety degree turn and floated through my room at a steady pace, passing through the window. My cousin screamed, afraid, but I held her down so she didn't accidentally run into it. I yelled to my mom that there was a light in my room, and my mom said it was probably just heat lightning. I thought it was heat lightning for about ten more years until mom commented about the heat lightning on a television show. I thought it might have been ball lightning, but ball lightning doesn't make ninety degree turns that happen to coincide with doorways.

--I imagined very clearly that I had been on UFOs but not as an abductee, rather because I was their child and belonged there. In conversations, we'd be talking about different planets, and I'd say something to the effect of "well, where did you think I was from?" I looked up at the night sky and demanded to know why I was there and why I couldn't go home.

--About 80% of the stories I've ever written have had to do with the main character ending up in another world, being someone of great importance there.

--Rivermist, the trilogy I've been working on, deals with a group of souls reincarnating together, but not remembering where they came from or why. As a result, the main character is often alienated and different from those around him, finding power struggles and squabbling for worldly powers ridiculous. When he meets others from his soul group, it feels like coming home. These souls are obligated to finish a round of incarnations on each planet they visit once they've entered its physicality. It is an obligation they choose.

----the antagonist in the series describes himself as an angel of the goddess, fulfilling a sacred duty by providing hardships for others to learn from. He is one of the same group as the other characters, one of their sibling souls.

----in a later story, one of the character looks at the other and says "you know you're not from here, but you have a reason for being here."

----the character is described as a wanderer specifically because he's always on the move, trying to find some place that feels like home.

--Everyone who I have been particularly close to, who understands this obscure, strange, existential longing also has the feeling that they're here for a specific reason and that something BIG is coming in his/her lifetime.

--I've read books like "Wanderer Handbook" by Carla Rueckert and listened to countless descriptions of Wanderers--entities who have come to Earth to help out with their higher frequencies of energy--from David Wilcock, Scott Mandelker and other Law of One scholars.

And finally, after thinking for many years that perhaps I just try to excuse my feeling of difference as a defense mechanism to help explain it away better, after reading Scott Mandelker's From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America, I've finally thought, okay. I'm a Wanderer. I've been through all this before. I've lived on other planets, and maybe I'll be able to go back there sometime. It changes nothing about how I live my life whatsoever, but it does give me that little bit of assurance and relief that makes the loneliness and longing for those I've left behind far more understandable.

Yet, it really doesn't matter, because we're all One, all souls evolving, seeking to reunify once again with the All, of which we are. Every moment has the capability to be the Eternal Now. All things have the capability to be experienced as an exquisite facet of that One.

Peace, light and love to all other selves.